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Building Better Menus
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Making Mom and Dad Happy


The economy is having a positive impact on dining out, according to industry reports. Parents with children are dining out more often which means restaurants are now challenged to attract that group to choose their restaurant. 50% of kids visiting a restaurant are making their own buying decisions. Some children as young as five years old are being taught to make a decision on their own. Parents also use the dining out experience to encourage kids to try new foods and experience different options. Gearing your restaurant towards children can increase revenues and return patrons.

What’s on your Menu


Recently, MenuWorks was featured in Bar Business Magazine’s May issue, in an article titled “What’s on your Menu.” Here is an excerpt from that article:

MenuWorks specializes in laminated, waterproof menus. “Our menus are available in coil, flat, bifold, and trifold solutions,” says Amanda Marcengill, Inside Sales Manager. “In addition to laminated menus, we also offer café covers, royal covers, to-go menus, kids placemats, and table tents.”

Focus on The Outcomes


In a recent issue of Restaurant News, there was an interesting article by Jim Sullivan (Professional speaker and author) on ten things that won’t change in 2018. One of his items was to focus on the outcomes. This caught our attention, as a custom menu provider, since we realize the importance of menu design in driving positive results.

Your Metrics Matter


Restaurants are a business. Like any business you have to watch a lot of metrics to manager your restaurant to success. More studies will list four areas as the key metrics to monitor. Those are sales, customer service/engagement, safety and profit.

Competing with fast food


If you’re in the restaurant business you’re well aware of the trend toward fast casual dining. An increasing number of surveys show dining customers are looking for something between traditional fast good and fine dining with many of the attributes associated with each.

Mobile Menus – And, We’re Not Talking About Smartphones


The fast-casual restaurant market has been hit hard with declining sales in the past few years. Part of the reason has been attributed to the 15%-20% tips expected in casual dining.

Are Your Menus “Free From”?


There’s no doubt about it, Americans love to eat out. However, many are watching what they eat due to allergies or just the desire to live a healthier lifestyle. Patrons may be looking for menu items that are free from sugar, nuts, eggs and gluten, just to name a few.


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