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Building Better Menus
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Ways to Maintain Business as COVID-19 Threatens the Public & Restaurant Cash Flow

We are all experiencing the effects of the pandemic in a variety of ways. First and foremost, our concern must focus on remaining healthy and taking every precaution to avoid falling ill. Panic is a normal human response but it gets us nowhere. So please follow your local and national authorities as they issue measures such as hand-washing, hand sanitizing, cleaning frequently used items around the home, and self-distancing.

The Dish On Laminated Menus: Attractive, Durable & Cost-Effective

Throw on a coat! No, we’re not talking about chilly temps. We’re focusing on laminating restaurant menus for eye-catching and extended use. Lamination really pays off when you consider the cost of replacing your menus over time, so, let’s see what’s cooking when it comes to this cost-effective option...

Food For Thought: New Menus Pay for Themselves

To stay in step with rising food costs, restaurant owners must keep on top of the numbers and update their establishment’s pricing. And, yes, reprinting the menu does cost money – but NOT doing so costs restaurant businesses far more.

Menu Photos That Look Good Enough to Eat

Enticing menu photos are a great way to gain your customers’ interest and influence their orders. By following some simple rules when planning and shooting your selections, you can achieve images that will engage and retain your restaurant’s customers. To help with your shoot, we’ve compiled a list of simple tips for picture-perfect menu photos.

Once They Nibble, Keep Them Biting

The Delicious Taste of Successful Restaurant Customer Loyalty Programs

Anyone in the restaurant business knows (or should know!) that customer loyalty is crucial in today’s competitive market. With the economy playing a role in consumer spending, it’s important to have an edge. At MenuWorks, we specialize in creating memorable and successful customer loyalty cards for small restaurants to large chains to help keep seats filled and customers happy.

Be Easy to Buy From

One of the oldest business rules in the book, being easy to buy from applies to your menus just as much as your available parking. Great menus are not designed to just look good, they are designed to engage the patron and lead them to a decision. The decision to dine at your establishment has already been made, now your challenge is to help them decide what to buy. A professionally designed menu can help you drive those decisions.

The Dirty Truth About Menus

Menus are among the most unsanitary surfaces in a restaurant. The bacteria count on menus can be as high as 185,000 per square centimeter – far more than found on a toilet seat, according to a study published by Cleaning & Maintenance Management in 2014.


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