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Building Better Menus
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The Dirty Truth About Menus

Menus are among the most unsanitary surfaces in a restaurant. The bacteria count on menus can be as high as 185,000 per square centimeter – far more than found on a toilet seat, according to a study published by Cleaning & Maintenance Management in 2014.

Upwards of 95% of people fail to properly wash their hands after restroom use, according to statistics. That makes handling a restaurant menu before eating a health gamble. (Staff, 2013)

Employee retention: What’s the cost?

Employee retention is important to any company, but especially to restaurants. Many owners may not have considered the cost associated with training a new employee and how it impacts their bottom line. While someone is training the new hire, the trainer isn’t as efficient and the new hire is unproductive.

Table Tanks

Menuworks’ Table Tanks move on-table promotion to the next level. Our vertical display designs provide ample print territory and get attention using high-impact print quality and graphics. When a guest sits down, they often see the table promotions before even opening a menu. This provides an opportunity to influence customers and highlight specific selections.

Making Mom and Dad Happy

According to industry reports, the economy is having a positive impact on dining out. Parents with children are dining out more often which means restaurants are now challenged to attract that group to their restaurant. 50% of kids visiting a restaurant make their own buying decisions.

What’s on your Menu

Recently, MenuWorks was featured in Bar Business Magazine’s May issue, in an article titled “What’s on your Menu.” Here is an excerpt from that article:

MenuWorks specializes in laminated, waterproof menus. “Our menus are available in coil, flat, bifold, and trifold solutions,” says Amanda Marcengill, Inside Sales Manager.

Focus on The Outcomes

In a recent issue of Restaurant News, there was an interesting article by Jim Sullivan (Professional speaker and author) titled “10 Things That Won’t Change for Restaurants in 2018.” One of the takeaways was to focus on the outcomes. This caught our attention, as a custom menu provider, since we realize the importance of menu design in driving positive results.

Your Metrics Matter

Restaurants are a business. Like any business. you have to watch a variety of metrics to manage your restaurant to success. Most studies list four areas as the key metrics to monitor: sales, customer service/engagement, safety and profit.


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